Jamón T-Shirt

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Hahahaha. I love this shirt!

Some people get it, some people don't.

But there's not much to get!

This shirt has a couple different meanings:

1.  Ham is good!  I love ham!  But I love "jamón" even more.  To me, ham is ham.  But "jamón" is SPANISH ham -- "Jamón Serrano" or "Jamón Ibérico".  It's like Prosciutto, but better. 

In the USA, people take bacon very seriously.  Well, in Spain, "jamón" is a religion. 

You'll see entire pig legs hanging from the ceilings of most bars--and even lots of fancy restaurants.

2.  I'm a HAM!  Like a ham for the camera!  I'm not sure how that expression started.  But I still like the shirt.

You like the shirt too?  Get one!  If you got the...

Ready to ship from S to 4XL.  This shirt is printed on the Bella + Canvas Unisex T-Shirt.