Hola Shirt, Black w/ Camo Hand

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I don't believe in being positive... or in being negative. 

I believe in being real. 

I believe in saying what I really see--even when it's not popular or totally positive.

I'm a human.  I love things.  I hate things.

When I get the urge to FIGHT, I go by G.I. Jordan.  When it's Spanish-related, I'm the Ultimate Spanish Fighter.  And this is the shirt I wear, the classic, Black HOLA shirt, but with a Camo Hand instead of a Red Hand.

But when I'm in a more LOVING mood, I'm Dude Love, and this is the shirt I wear:  

Black w/ Rainbow Hand HOLA Shirt

Maybe that's more your thing?  I get it.  But remember...

Without hate, what would love be?   It would be normal!  It would be nothing!  It would be DEFAULT.

Roots of All Evil Lyrics

No man is ever truly good
No man is every truly evil
I do the things you never could
And we won't ever be equal

You point your finger and play the victim
So take your best shot
Release the pressure
You perpetuate your propaganda
And now I'm calling you out

Ready to ship from XS to 4XL.  This shirt is printed on the Bella + Canvas Unisex T-Shirt.